The project integra twenty four, the biggest challenge with student housing is the urgency of completing the job on time. Integra Twenty-Four was leasing units during the entire construction process, and they had to be move-in ready by the start of the fall semester. If any trade missed its deadline, the students would be without residence, and Integra would lose substantial revenue.

The complexity of the work presented another challenge. The design called for horizontal balcony rails for a more modern, unique look. Custom measurements were required to complete some railings that ran between stone pillars, which couldn’t be performed until the stone contractors completed their work. The bars called for glass inserts inside the clubhouse, a relatively uncommon practice. Coordination with the glass contractor made for a smooth and easy installation with our aluminum rail.






Chancey Metals has developed a lean production and delivery process that eliminates the opportunity for missed deadlines. In most cases, we are one of the first contractors to arrive on-site because the subsequent work depends on our timely completion. For example, no work above ground level could be safely performed until the stairs were installed, so that was our initial focus.

Horizontal balcony railing is installed similarly to vertical railing; it’s rarely requested.

Chancey Metals coordinated with the stone and general contractors to ensure we were ready to measure as soon as their work was completed. When the measurements were confirmed, we manufactured the necessary railings and efficiently performed this installation. Since Chancey Metals provided engineering support for the job, we could manufacture a perfect system to cover the opening safely and adequately fasten the railing to the building.

As the pillars for the entry gates were being installed, the Chancey Metals team recognized a design flaw. The plan initially called for the gates to be fastened directly to the bare stone, but this was impossible because it was not a smooth surface. So instead, we recommended adding a trim board on the pillars to have a solid base for entry gate installation. This advice ensured that the integra twenty four project would stay on schedule and that the entry gates would continue functioning properly for their entire life expectancy.

The unique clubhouse railings with glass inserts also required coordination with another contractor. Chancey Metals worked closely with LandSouth’s preferred glass vendor to ensure the process for them to perform their work was seamless.


Chancey Metals fabricated and installed 15 stair towers of various styles and sizes throughout the complex. We also delivered 1,000 linear feet of the balcony railing, 15 entry gates, one dumpster enclosure gate, two 25-foot aluminum canopies, and 90 aluminum shutters.

Most importantly, Chancey Metals met or exceeded every deadline throughout the 18-month project. Our meticulous planning and communication, coupled with our efficient fabrication and installation, ensured that all other trades working on the site could also complete their work on time.

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