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Chancey Metals has all resources in-house to complete your most demanding projects on-time and on-budget. From engineering to final installation, Chancey provides superior value measured in terms of quality, responsiveness and cost.

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Chancey Metals Metal Fabricator Chancey Metals Metal Fabricator Chancey Metals Metal Fabricator Chancey Metals Metal Fabricator

Don’t Leave Your Job To Chance. Leave It To Chancey.

Chancey Metals has earned a reputation matched by few other competitors for quality you can depend upon. Whether you need metal stairs and railing, balcony rail, gates, or other miscellaneous metals, you can count on Chancey to exceed expectations.

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We Go The Distance.

This year alone, the Chancey Team will install more than 15 miles of stairs, spanning 30 kilometers high, adjoined by 600 kilometers of steps. Aligning those stairs is 40 miles of railing. Our experience meeting the demands of Owners, Architects, General Contractors and Building Inspectors spans hundreds of municipalities throughout the Southeastern US.

Customers can count on Chancey to go the extra mile! We expect the unexpected so when your needs change, the Chancey Team is going to come through! We deliver high caliber manufacturing and installation services with superior lead times. Our team understands that no matter how many miles we’ve covered, the next foot for your jobsite is the most important.

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Since 1986

Chancey Metals has earned the trust and confidence of construction industry leaders since 1986. We have learned a lot about the right way to handle commercial metal fabrication and the right way to treat our customers. When you partner with Chancey, expect integrity and a Team that will perform as promised.

Our Story

We can help you with the following metal fabrications and more:

  • Stairs
  • Railing
  • Fencing
  • Awning & Shutters
  • Custom Gates
  • Elevator Steel
  • Bollards
  • Ladders
  • Structural Steel
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