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Andrew Whitlock

Chancey Metals is the subject matter expert regarding multifamily stairs and balcony railings.  The safety, speed, and quality of installation and commitment to getting the job done right is second to none; they are truly a team player.

- Andrew Whitlock

Bret Redfearn

Compared to the local subcontractors that we deal with, Chancey Metals blew the competition out of the water in every aspect imaginable. From the initial estimate to shop drawings to installation and the people behind the scenes handling the insurance, billing, and warranty side, your team crushed it.

- Bret Redfearn

Hamilton Martin

Chancey Metals tops the list of my favorite subcontractors!  Not only do they have very competitive pricing and solid installation, but their project management team works hard to assist with the abnormal/unique metal needs that arise throughout the project.  They are responsive, friendly, and quick to go out of their way to serve the client.  They routinely make the metal portions of our projects easy!

- Hamilton Martin

John Turner

Over the years Chancey Metals has provided our Apartment projects with excellent workmanship along with exceptional customer service. I cannot say enough good things about this company. They have been a valuable asset to our team and I look forward to many more years of success together.

- John Turner

What Luke Ference Speaks About Our Services:

We continue to have great success with Chancey Metals. Their project management and onsite supervision teams ensure that procurement, delivery, and installation dates are met, resulting in a quality finished product that is on time.

- Luke Ference

Sydney Hays

Chancey Metals continue to impress with all aspects of project excellence. Communication begins with preconstruction and continues through project completion, which is crucial to meeting a successful schedule. In our fast-paced market, all areas must meet customer needs…Chancey Metals does not disappoint. From fabrication and delivery to installation, the team is there every step of the way to provide a fantastic product.

- Sydney Hays

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